Australia’s Future with Tony Abbott and John Roskam: Episode One

12 August 2021

By: John Roskam

The 28th Prime Minister of Australia, the Hon Tony Abbott, AC joins the Executive Director of the Institute of Public Affairs, John Roskam for a three-part discussion about the future of the Australian way of life.

In this first episode, Tony and John discuss some of the economic and cultural implications of the coronavirus pandemic. They note that politicians have been trying to duck accountability for their decisions by hiding behind the experts, and Australians seem to have gone along – so far. This raises the question of whether we have seen equality of sacrifice in the struggle against the virus, and why politicians and senior public servants should take a pay cut for the duration of the crisis. More broadly, the pandemic has taken place amid the rise of the “talking class” and the decline of the “doing class”. The reasons for this trend are discussed, along with what can be done to restore economic opportunity and confidence in our institutions and way of life.