In Government But Out Of Power

25 August 2021

By: Daniel Wild

See below for show notes:

This week Tony Abbott provided an enthralling strategic overview of the challenges which conservatives and liberals face in exerting influence over the direction of Australia. Tony reflected on his time as a Minister for Employment Services, Minister for Health, and Prime Minister and observed how conservatives are often in government, but seldom in power.

Tony and I also discussed the influence that the public service and bureaucrats have over ministers and public policy, and the impact that lockdowns have had on small business.

And, as always, Tony and I took your questions in the “Tell Tony Abbott” segment, this week on the influence of “woke capital” – and what we can do about it – and why Australia should remove the ban on nuclear power.

Remember, you can leave your questions for Tony at the Australian Heartland Hotline on 03 9946 4307.