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John Roskam’s Opinion Newsletter

IPA Senior Fellow John Roskam explains the good, bad and ugly of Australian politics in his weekly opinion newsletter, One & Free.

We’re lucky – but not serious

May 28, 2023|

A snapshot of Australia in 2023 This week has given us a bit of a snapshot of Australia in 2023.  And what does that snapshot show?  We might be a lucky country - but we're not a serious country. (Although I should qualify the word 'lucky'.  'Luck' implies we had nothing to do with our success - but [...]

Being a minority of one

May 19, 2023|

You need to know you're not alone In Nineteen Eighty-Four there's scene in which Winston Smith ponders the purpose of his job which is to rewrite historical documents.  He asks 'I understand HOW: I do not understand WHY. He wondered, as he had many times wondered before, whether he himself was a lunatic.  Perhaps a lunatic was simply [...]

One word of truth

May 11, 2023|

Tucker Carlson said something you don't often hear. You've probably already watched or heard about Tucker Carlson's video that went up on Twitter yesterday.  He announced he'll be starting a new program on the platform.  As I'm writing this the video has been watched 119 million times. I wasn't a religious viewer of Carlson. What I saw of [...]

Ordinary men doing extraordinary things

April 25, 2023|

Australia and the purpose of ANZAC Day ANZAC Day is almost all we've got left to share with each other. National Days are necessary to countries that are more than just geographical expressions.  People living in a community need something in common and beliefs and experiences that are shared in some way. In Australia today there's not much that brings us together.  [...]