One word of truth

11 May 2023

By: John Roskam

Tucker Carlson said something you don’t often hear.

You’ve probably already watched or heard about Tucker Carlson’s video that went up on Twitter yesterday.  He announced he’ll be starting a new program on the platform.  As I’m writing this the video has been watched 119 million times.

I wasn’t a religious viewer of Carlson. What I saw of him came mostly via clips of his monologues friends sent me. Usually I agreed with him – sometimes I didn’t  I think he’s misguided about Russia and the West should do everything possible to support Ukraine.  I’ve never met Carlson in-person but a few years ago I was on a Zoom call with him.  After nearly two hours the main impression I formed was that he was completely sincere in what he believed.  He was honest and he said what he thought to be true – he didn’t dance around the edges of things.  He was happy to say in a private discussion what he’d say on television to three million people.

Carlson on Twitter may or may not succeed. Joe Rogan and Jordan Peterson aren’t on television and they’re doing OK.  I was less interested in Carlson’s announcement itself than in his explanation of why he doing what he was.  He talked about how in his opinion the media inevitably restricts what can be talked about – and then he said this…

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