Ordinary men doing extraordinary things

25 April 2023

By: John Roskam

Australia and the purpose of ANZAC Day

ANZAC Day is almost all we’ve got left to share with each other. 

National Days are necessary to countries that are more than just geographical expressions.  People living in a community need something in common and beliefs and experiences that are shared in some way. 

In Australia today there’s not much that brings us together.  By themselves events and symbols can’t unite us – but they help.  Despite the overwhelming majority of Australians supporting the celebration of Australia Day on 26 January the media and political elites are doing their best to cancel the day.  The symbolism of the Albanese government allowing public servants to work on 26 January was significant.  As was the statement from Vicki Brady, the chief executive of Telstra that she’d been working on that day because 26 January was ‘a painful reminder of discrimination and exclusion’ for indigenous Australians.  Our national flag is going the way of Australia Day.  One flag has become three. 

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