The Kevin Rudd and Niki Savva approach to people they disagree with.

3 May 2023

By: John Roskam

We don’t trust the media – and we don’t trust each other.

Today, 3 May is ‘World Press Freedom Day’.  I won’t spend time contemplating the irony of the United Nations in 1993 creating such a day, other than note that the member countries of the United Nations Human Rights Council include China, Cuba, and Qatar.

According to the World Press Freedom Index of the Reporters Sans Frontieres out of 180 countries ranked from best to worst for press freedom China is 175, Cuba 130, and Qatar 128.

To coincide with the day a poll from  Associated Press and the University of Chicago was released showing just 16% of Americans have a ‘great deal’ of trust and confidence in the news media.  Here in this country survey of 1,000 respondents for Edelman a global public relations firm  found 48% of Australians believed the media was ‘a source of false or misleading information’ while only 37% said the media was ‘a reliable source of trustworthy information’.

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